Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh, boy! Oh,boy! Oh, boy! Oh,boy! Oh, boy!

I am getting an improvement on our house. Jake is taking out a chimney in the living room and replacing it with the soapstone propane stove that we have in the dining room. The dining room was our living room for the first four years that we lived here. The chimney was framed in and had 1970's carpeting on it with mirrored squares over that. What a nightmare! It will almost be like we have a fireplace in our living room. That will be pretty special. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited! And....besides that Pansy, the calico cat, loves to lay in front of the stove to cook herself. She is sooooo excited, too.

This is the stove that will be moved into the living room

This is how the chimney looked in our living room, except now there is light coming in through the hole in the roof.

This is how the chimney looked on the outside. It is already gone! Plus.......Jake is fighting a losing battle with the bees outside. I hope they don't come in here in herds through the hole in the roof.


Crosswinds Farm said...

What? You didn't like the 1970's carpeting? AND mirrored squares to boot! Lucky! LOL!
We have the standard issue 70's green sculptured carpet, only it is on our livingroom floor (yuk)and all the way down the hall....I feel your pain! Congrats on the new project, can't wait to see how it turns out :-).

Nancy K. said...

You're lucky to have a husband who is so skilled at carpentry work! Your home will be quite the treasure when it's done...

Gone2theDawgs said...

I love those soapstone will look great in your living room!

You have to ask what made the folks in the 70s think that avocado green and harvest gold looked attractive! Many a house I've rented or bought has had that lovely color scheme! :)

Tina T-P said...

Thanks for your encouraging words about my little car. The Auto-B-Craft fellow came in with an estimate for under $900 (my boss WILL be paying for this) and he really liked my car, so I feel pretty good about it.

Good luck with your heater project and I'm glad that your son is on the road to recovery.(how scarey, that's not supposed to happen to our children, right) T.