Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indian summer

Now the trees across the road are in full color. Going to town or to the village is a real treat because you get to see the fantastic fall foliage. All the hills around here make terrific viewing when it comes to autumn color. We didn't have that where we lived down by the Illinois line. It was too close to flatland. Of course, you can see the elm that will become fire wood since it succumbed to Dutch elm disease.

Today Jake is working outside. He has to take advantage of the wonderful weather. He is digging a trench for a water line that won't freeze. The dairy barn was not equipped with a line that did not freeze. It always froze towards the end of winter when the last thing we wanted was trouble getting water out to the cows. This should take care of that problem. That will be a big improvement.

But.....Jake found another "attachment" that he "must" have for his Bobcat. We rented the backhoe attachment from the implement dealer. He loves it. I guess I love it, too, since it will mean that I won't have to drag a hose to water the cows in the dead of winter. I guess "you got to give get some."

It is quite a mess, but he knows what he is doing. It is a good thing because to me it just looks like a mess.

Ruffy and Dickie Smothers got a new home today. Neither of them is particularly happy about it, but that can't be helped. Fluffer may join them later; I just can't decide if I should do that or just leave him in with the big boys. There is no pasture, but there won't be green grass for much longer. They can get into a large pen in the barn when the weather is bad. The only problem is that their door will have to be closed when the weather gets snowy because otherwise the whole barn will fill up with snow. It is a west wall.

Of, course, we can't forget Junior. In the wall we bared last week, there was a hole for a chimney. Junior had to investigate. If there is trouble to get into, he will find it.


Nancy K. said...

Will you leave the hole in the wall for Junior? I would tidy it up and keep it! I think it's cool!

Unknown said...

Wow! I had no idea your barns were that large...I love to see barns! I would love to have an old bank barn! Beautiful colors in that first photo!

Pamela said...

GORGEOUS barn! And I agree--I think Jr. needs that hole left in the wall. It's just soooo "him".