Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The view of the animals grazing on the hillside is one of the reasons that we bought this place and moved from where we had lived since our births. We loved the idea of hills having been brought up in Wisconsin right next to "flatlander's country". There wasn't much in the line of hills in Kenosha County. So we traded Lake Michigan on the east for the Mississippi River on the west and moved. Many days I wonder why we did make that move, but then I have to remember the hills, the ravine, the peaceful dead end road, and the quiet. The most noise is the airplanes from Fort McCoy and the occasional day when the explosions from McCoy shake the house. Most of the other noise here is nature or farm animals.

The twins are growing and are used to me now. The run up to me when I go to visit them in their pasture. Their mom even lets them come to me without carrying on over their being away from her. Of course, it isn't long before she joins them to see if I have any cookies for her.

Pansy tends to like to sleep in Libby's crate. Well, actually it doesn't have to be Libby's crate. She just likes to sleep in a soft place in a crate.

Summer was on Sunday. Now it is spring/fall in London. Depressing!!!


Nancy K. said...

Enjoy the Spring! The heat/humidity and BUGS of summer in Wisconsin/MN will be with us soon enough!!!


Karen said...

Those two lambs are so adorable. Love the beautiful hillside photo...