Thursday, June 12, 2008


Help!!! I am stuck in the house with two dogs that want to go for their morning walk and nothing but rain outside. I can't go upstairs to work on my quilt because my friends get in trouble. They are playing together now, so maybe I can sneak away.

Here is proof that the dog, that doesn't want to go out in the rain, likes water. She can usually be seen, at least once on each trip outside, with two or more feet in her pool having a gulp of water. She does not lick from the pool; she gulps. Is this an outside way of drinking? Must be a Florida thing. Also visible is my mega rain "barrel" that catches rain off the roof for my flowers. I haven't used it except for a couple times so far this season. Obviously, it is overflowing these days. And, the dog pool is almost full. I suppose Libby is happy with that.

This is the tiny ram shed. Two sheep can be seen (with good eyes). They are mostly just staying inside away from the rain. The lowest on the totem pole can be seen outside.

This is the rig that Jake fixed to catch the rain coming in by the chimney. He has sealed the chimney numerous times, but the roof is leaking from somewhere else. The chimney has no use and is set for demolition. The rig is ugly, but much better than soaking wet towels all the time.

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