Sunday, March 26, 2006

log houses

Tonight I faxed the Morris Brothers Carpentry & Excavating to ask them to be our contractors for the addition to our house. Boy, this is a long story. We bought this farm, literally, without knowing that there was a log home underneath its complete ugliness. After the closing the farmer asked us if we hadn't wondered why the windows were so deeply set. Well, having completely remodeled our last "farmhouse" we just figured it was another quirk in the home. But, NO, it was because some of the house was log underneath everything else. Well, at the time, it was immaterial. The house needed more work than you could shake a stick at, but I thought I could live with it. I was wrong. This place is "butt ugly" Nothing was done with any type of a plan, and we can never ask "why" because there is never an answer to that question. Now, just a minute ago as I was typing, Gene Morris called back, and we made a date for Thursday evening. He will be out here to get serious about this job.

After looking into putting a tract home on our property -- tooooo expensive. We have gone back to the original idea of stripping as much as possible and putting on a log addition. Jake has always wanted to have a log house. Well, now it looks like that just might be a real possibility. I didn't think that I have been very fussy about the places that I lived, but maybe I am wrong. I have never had to live in a place like this in my whole life. I certainly don't want to spend the rest of my life in a dump. Now, there is hope that we will have something more than this dump to live in. It is very exciting. I probably won't sleep all night just thinking about it. It would mean that I would have a huge shop in the upstairs portion of the addition. I would have more than enough room for my quilting maching, sewing machine, and "wool stuff". That would be a dream come true. Right now our living room is soooooo small, actually the "dining room". It is cramped because I am using the "living room" as my shop. The whole project will take a lot of time and money, but it will be worth it.

I just can't believe that this could actually happen. It sure is another highlight!
Now, I have these things to look forward to: 1. maybe a lamb, 2. maybe some calves,
3. a new septic system (dumb, I know), 4. beginning an addition to our home. That is a lot of wonderful things that could happen this spring. And that is another thing; it is SPRING!! What a wonderful thing to have happen again.

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Nancy K. said...

How exciting Sharrie! I hope you get the photo thing figured out so you can post pictures of the the transformation!