Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beautiful days of July

July is being nice to us right now.    I love these warm summer days when you can have the windows open and hear the birds singing and feel a gentle breeze and hear an occasional hum of an airplane or helicopter and the continual hum of the tractor out in the field making hay.  The best thing about it is that I can work outside without getting wringing wet from the heat and humidity.

This year's cherry crop was much smaller than last year's.   I am happy as long as the tree doesn't die or stop producing.

This is my rose garden before I replaced the old fencing that was primarily intended to keep the dogs out of the luscious (to them) soil.   The soil comes straight from the cow pasture.   Go figure!

This is my rose garden today after the new fence.   I hope it was worth the money.   I sure do like the looks of it.  It is not as tall as the former fence, and I sure hope that that "jumping dog", Lady, does not decide she needs to jump into the roses.

This is "New Day" a beautiful yellow rose and a few weeds on the left side that will be gone by evening and one orange moss rose.   I love moss roses, too.  My grandma always had them by her back door.

This is the well known "Peace" rose.   It is yellow with a pink tinge around the outside with the vinca vine hanging down behind it.   Mom always had those in her window boxes.

I know--- nostalgia city.    Oh, well, it makes me happy.   Hope you are enjoying your day as much as I am enjoying mine.


Taryn said...

We've been having a lovely July as well. While there have been quite a few super hot/humid days, the beautiful weather has been falling every weekend! What great timing. I laughed at your comment about the occasional hum of an house is directly under the flight/landing path of Dulles Airport. For me it is the "constant" hum of airplanes!

Your new fence looks nice!

Kelly said...

I really like the roses and I think your new fence is exactly right for them. Looks good.