Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Upper Crust

Or.............Why We Live in a Gated Community.

We have found that our culture forces us to live in a gated community.   We just couldn't exist if we were forced to live in a home where all the "riff raff" mingled in one messy group.    The  pictures should explain our predicament.    Here Libby is locked in the living room.   This is unusual for her since she is usually locked out because of her barking at the big window

Then we have the bedroom.   Sometimes no dogs are allowed to be in the bedroom either.   Usually Zippy is on the other side of this gate in the dining room.     The restrictions from these two rooms is usually because of wet feet.

Then there is the gate into the kitchen where the dogs get locked now and then.   They also get separated twice a day when they get fed because Scooter is a FINICKY eater, and everyone finishes before he does.

In the kitchen is the stairway.   It has two gates mostly to keep Zippy from climbing the stairs since the collies don't do stairs which is OK with me.    The cat "stuff" is  upstairs as is my quilting machine, so I really don't need dogs  up there.  The gate in the front swings over to separate the dining room and the kitchen.
Lastly, there are the two extra gates which help with any other riff raff that may show up.   One needs fixing, and I think that will be tomorrow's project.
Here is some of the Thanksgiving riff raff that showed up with my son Dave.    Zippy really had a ball with the dog on the right, Rover.    We really had the long and the short of it because one of Rover's parents is a Bernese Mountain dog.    They were fun to watch and provided comic relief all weekend.


Tammy said...

Gotta love it--what we go through for the furries. I've had collies that were finicky eaters too. Two so far, and the other three ate like horses. The finicky ones drive me nuts--Ariel, my last one wouldn't eat if I looked at her, so I'd have to hide around the door to make sure she ate it and not Jody! Thankfully, Ashley, the collie I got just recently is a hearty eater, although she is a little squirrely about treats.

Anonymous said...

Poor doggies in jail :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those old gates are the best. Wish we could still get them. The new "safety" gates are such a hassle.

Funny - my word is "ingest"