Monday, August 17, 2009

A study in brown and more

Don't I look good in brown?

A walk around the farm with my husband, two sons, daughter-in-law, and seven dogs.

Dave and Holly's dogs are not purebreds, but they sure are big!

Not a flattering shot of Holly, but it shows the path where I walk with the dogs.

Dave and five of the dogs.

Time to go up the hill back towards the barn.

Coming around the last corner, I finally got into the picture.


Anonymous said...

Egad, Zippy what a handsome boy you are! Do you want to be a show dog? You are growning up very pretty and want a great "path"! It is a dogs life for sure. I'm sure happy you have such a great life.

Nana Jinnie

Garrett808 said...

i LOVE the new photo of Zippy on the top of your blog! he is so handsome!

Nancy K. said...

As much as I'm a BIG dog lover and much prefer your Collies and those big, Rottie-crosses, your new photo of Skippy in brown is absolutely awesome!!