Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fur Farm

This is the time of year for tractor shows. Jake can't drag me to them unless they have a flea/antique market. We went to Baraboo on Saturday. The man in the booth with the sign thought I was nuts. Not a reaction that surprised me. When I saw the sign, I just started laughing. I had to have it. It could have something to do with the fact that our two collies are just in the final stages of a massive "coat drop". It felt like a fur farm around here for several weeks. Things are getting better now, but they lost a massive amount of fur.

Zippy has chosen this spot on hot days. It must be cool along side of the water tank, i.e. rain barrel, and lying on the green plants.

Last night, Libby decided to lie down by Zippy when they were up on the bed. It was a "Kodak" moment. It doesn't happen very often.

Innocent is not a word that I would ever use to describe either one of them.


penni said...

They are too cute together -- probably practiced that look all day. You could market fur farm signs and do quite well just selling to the owners of herding breeds.

Lybertygirl said... cute!

onecollie said...

awwwww, very sweet picture!

Dawn said...

They are both so cute snuggling like that. He sure is growing up.

corinne said...

OMG! Cute pics :)

Anonymous said...

Wait until Zippy adds to the Fur!

That is a great photo!

Happy 1/2 birthday Zippy!