Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Girls on the Ridge

Just girl pictures today. I went out to Nancy K's to pick up two young brown girls. They are adorable. Right now they are getting pushed around a bit by some of the other ewes, but that will end soon. They are about the same size as my lamb from last spring. The other picture is Ami and her daughter Sugar, a yearling. Ami is the grandmother of young Meg, my lamb. Meg's mom is an HsT. Cassy and Mystery will be companions for Meg. (I hope I got their names right.)

Toonces is still here. I made a place for him on the first porch, and he has sat on a blanket all day. Maybe it was a long trip getting home, and he is "plum tuckered out". He hissed at all the cats he saw last night, but when I took his brother onto the porch this morning, they just touched noses like Toonces had been here all along.
Go figure.


Nancy K. said...

OH, Thank you for posting pictures already, Sharrie! I miss my girls already and I'm at WORK. It will really hit me when I get time to go out and sit with the girls agian. (which might be sometime NEXT YEAR by the way things are going around here... ;-)

I know they'll have a wonderful home and I'm so glad that they're staying close enough that I'll be able to visit.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs to my beautiful Cassy & Mystery (yes, you got the names right)

Wrensong Farm said...

Those were my favorite two ewes of Nancy's! I'm glad your adding them to your flock (although I AM jealous!). Isn't that amazing that Toonces remember his brother even after the time away! I LOVE family reunions! :)

Shula said...

I am glad that Mystery got a great home and I have always adored Cassy's facial marking, it reminds me or some ancient helmet nose guard. Cute.

Karen B. said...

Toonces...maybe he went on a road trip? He was a great SNL character, but not a very good driver! Congrats on your beautiful new sheep.

Jenny Holden said...

Beautiful sheep :o)

Tina T-P said...

New sheep - what a nice Christmas present :-) Hope you are doing okay in the winter weather that seems to be gripping us all. T.