Monday, November 24, 2008

Home for the Holidays

This is Outside Toonces. (of SNL fame) He was born here about four years ago. His mother was left here when we bought the farm. He has one brother and one sister. The summer that they were a year old, they all went on "walkabout". The sister never came back. The brother, Puff, came back with half a face and a broken front leg. He was nursed back to health. Toonces came back but continued to disappear. One time he never came back. Last year on Thanksgiving vacation, when my son and dauther-in-law were up here, Toonces reappeared. I kept him in the little house for a day, and then let him out. He left and hasn't been seen again. He had been living inside somewhere because he was sleek and fat.

This afternoon while I was working in the kitchen. I looked out the window and saw a cat sitting in front of the barn facing away from me. I thought that it was awful dark to be one of our cats. All I could think of was.........Outside Toonces. Sure enough, I went out and it was him. Here he was at the same time of the year. He is still friendly to us, and I captured him on camera. I will not keep him inside this time. I am just glad that he came home for the he here for deer hunting? Either way, it is good to see him again.


Nancy K. said...

That is so cool that he keeps coming back. Don't you wish he could write a book and tell of his adventures????


Wrensong Farm said...

How funny! He likes to return home for the holidays. That would be a mystery I would find hard not to try and solve.....where he goes for the rest of the year. (Love his name, by the way) :)

Tammy said...

Great story! I have two cats that have pulled similar stunts. Madison 'moved' to my parents barn for about three or four months, then suddenly decided that she would lower herself to come back home! Of course I knew where she was though. The other one, Dixie, was gone almost four months and I had given up on her. Went down to feed the rams one day, and out from under the empty house that is near, came a grey cat! I called her, and she came running up! She 'came home', and greeted her daughter with joy. She tends to roam an awful lot for a spayed female though. The funniest story I heard was a lady who has a big black nuetered tomcat. They live in the middle of nowhere, but one night he came home and she was hugging him...and he smelled of perfume! Not hers either. ;-) Cats are such unique critters.