Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I guess I am getting better. I saw three doctors today. First my family doctor. She sent me to the EENT. He said that I probably stunned the facial nerve that is exactly where I have my funny feelings. Then I went to the dentist. He agreed with the EENT since he didn't see anything unusual that would account for the feelings that I was experiencing. Now I am taking Davroset which seems to agree with me and does dull the pain. I just took my dogs for a mile long walk, on the road, but it sure did make them happy, I think. I am judging that on how excited they got when I got the leashes out for them to wear. They are used to walking every day, sometimes even more than once. I didn't have any trouble with the walking except for the sweating which is not related to the accident.

Since I couldn't post without a picture, what you see is my little X90 Suzuki. It is our mode of transportation until we get another SUV. Gasoline prices will just have to take a flying leap because the front end of that car along with the air bags and seat belts saved me, and we want that safety again.

Dave is progressing very well from what he tells me. That is surely another blessing.

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Nancy K. said...

I'm SO glad that you're on the road to recovery! And you make an EXCELLENT point...if you had been driving an environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, small car, you'd be DEAD! Someone should point this out to the "Powers That Be" and recommend another way out of the energy crisis besides driving smaller, lighter vehicles!

Take care, my friend...