Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This year

What you see, is what I get. That is my garden. Last year I had a volunteer pumpkin plant grow right outside my door. It produced a fine harvest and a great deal of delight watching it grow. This year, I actually planted a seed from one of the pumpkins that I was cutting up for the sheep last year. Lo, and behold, it came up. It is flowering now. I don't know if that is behind time, but I am happy to watch it grow. When I left home on the 14th, it had not started trailing, but it sure is now. I will just have to enjoy my one pumpkin plant until we have the time for a garden.

I am still on the road to recovery. I only take pain pills every six hours, and they do not leave me feeling drugged. They just take the strong pain away. I don't have any doctor's appointments today. Hooray!!! I even watered the sheep just now. They were happy to see me, I think. (I guess we just like to think that, but it makes me feel good.)

Thanks to Nancy K. and Michelle M. for your kind thoughts.

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Nancy K. said...

It is amazing. When you think about what an incredibly serious, life-threatening accident you were involved in, less than a week ago ~ and here you are, taking pictures of your pumpkin plant and watering your sheep, as if nothing had ever happened! OK ~ with a little help from pain meds, but STILL! It's a miracle you're even ALIVE ~ much less going on with your normal daily activities.

I am SO glad that you are....