Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sooooooo Big

Now, who would give up a kitten as cute at the one sitting in Jake's hand in the picture? It sure was a mystery to us. He was caught in our barn after several attempts, couldn't get a trap small enough. When we took him out of the trap, we expected WILD.......what we got was totally socialized kitten. I just couldn't leave him outside, and he became cat number four in our house. He kept his claws and is often threatened with being tossed out of the house to fend for himself. He is a bit of a terror, but last night he paid for some of his keep by catching a mouse. It is only the second mouse we have seen in this house which is quite a surprise considering the condition of the house.

As can be seen by the picture, Junior Minty Fresh, grew up to be a very big boy. He is overweight, but it is hard to control his weight with three other cats in the house. He plays with Scooter which is good. When Scooter came to our house, Junior was afraid of him, and I was disappointed. I thought they would be good playmates since both of them were young. It just took a while for Junior to understand what this other creature was all about. Now they chase and play fight whenever the mood strikes them.

The other two pictures show how Scooter has grown from March to now. Within a few days he had adopted Suni and become her greatest friend. He sleeps touching her all the time. Suni does not have a problem with it except when he happens to lay on top of her. Right now they are right behind me back to back, head to butt. I don't know what he will do when she is no longer with us. That could happen any time since she is 13 years old with several medical problems. I am sure that he will show obvious signs of missing her. Right now, they are good buddies until he wants her to play. She does't play. It is either age or temperment, but she doesn't play. He needs to run off his energy. Walking with me doesn't quite do it, but it helps. He is a great companion with only one bad habit. He keeps eating the books that I am reading. Today was number three. Luckily, he only chewed the binding. The first one, he ate the last pages, the second it was the first pages, and now the binding. There are books all over the living room, but he only eats my novels. Go figure. I have been trying to be careful, but I messed up today. Oh, well, I will have to try harder


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Love your pet pictures. We will start looking for the right canine companion after our upcoming trip.

Have you ever thought that Scooter is looking out for you by weeding out the mental "junk food" and leaving the more edifying reading material? hee!

Nancy K. said...

I really need to come visit you soon!

Bridget said...

I can't believe Suni is 13 years old. I remember when she could fit into my hand and how she would sleep in the milk crate with a ticking clock.

Scooter has grown up into a beautiful Collie. Hopefully Sadie and him can meet one day.