Thursday, November 15, 2007

All Grown Up..........Nearly

Here are the five little faces that were four kittens and their mom last summer. They are all fixed and grown, three daughters, and their brother. He is the striped gray one in the middle. They mostly live on the outside porch on our house. It was pretty late to put them outside, but they will be able to keep warm when the weather gets real nasty because I will let them into the guest house. They will just have to share it with anyone else who wants to get warm at some particular time.

They aren't the most tame and affectionate of all the cats, but Toonces, the boy, and the grey girl are getting pretty good.

Weather here is raw. Scooter and I will have to go out for a walk, but I am putting it off hoping that it will be a little warmer this afternoon. It takes much longer to get ready to go out for a walk since we have to wear out hunting outfits. Scooter has an old highway department vest that I altered. After the alteration, I added a dog vest on top. He looks pretty cool and doesn't object to the whole thing. I just wear a highway vest that is a bit newer than his was. We can be seen, and it is necessary. Up here the whole world stops when deer season starts. Stores are closed that are usually open on Saturday and stuff like that. We are really out of it, so I feel more included when I wear my blaze orange.


Nancy K. said...

I know that I'm getting old, and my eyesight isn't what it once was ~ but I only see four cats/kittens! What am I missing?????


Sharrie said...

There are three on the right. Toonces is sandwiched between Tressie and Honey. On the left is Nellie and her mom go the left. Mom is black, tortoise, and hard to see.