Friday, June 22, 2007

New Family

Well, it was a perfect first full day of summer. Kicsi became a new mother. She was fat and sassy when I checked her this morning about 6:00. When I came home from work at 3:00, she had four kittens under the bed in the Packer suite. There are two yellow and one gray and one tiger gray/black. Mother and children were happily nursing when I left them. I had a feeling something was up because Kicsi had not eaten much in the last 24 hours. Maybe cats are like sheep in that way.

Dr. Peter will help me with the names, I hope. He was the last one to sleep in that bed, so the honor should be given to him. If he is too busy, which he may be, I will have to use my Hungarian/English dictionary on the web to find Hungarian names for all of them. Maybe his son, Peti, could help.

More pictures as the kittens continue to grow.

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