Saturday, June 09, 2007


I hope I got that spelling correct. Kicsi is the latest addition to our vast herd of cats. We seem to attract them like fleas. I think they may have a six sense that tells them that coming to our farm is a "free ride". Anyway......Kicsi showed up several months ago. I thought it was a kitten. It was semi-friendly, meowing when we came into the barn and approaching closer and closer to us as time went on. When I finally managed to catch it, I took it right to the "cat house". My plan was to keep it there until I could tell what sex it was and then take it to the vet. Well....I have figured out what sex she is. She developed nipples a few weeks ago and a nice taunt belly. She is still growing, but we should be the proud owners of new kittens any day now. I am such a pushover for cats. I am excited that I will have kittens to raise and play with this summer. I will keep them in the house until they are socialized and then they can play outside all summer. Everybody will get a trip to the vet for various procedures, if you know what I mean. Her name means "little" in Hungarian, and it sure fits her because she is sooooooo small.

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