Thursday, May 08, 2014

Juni B's twins!!! Oh, yes, TWINS

Oh,  yes, Juni B had twins, and just what I would have wanted, except they could have both been ewes.    The babies reversed their parents' colors.   The boy, High Ridge Juniper, is black, and the girl, High Ridge Jasmine, is gray.   They are tiny compared to the other singles.    They weighed 5 1/2 and 6 pounds last night, but that was after seven hours of nursing on mother's milk.   As you can see, Jasmine even duplicated her father's spot.   Placement is a little off, but I think it is cool.  They both have beautiful curly coats.

That does it for lambs for this year.   The total was four girls and two boys.   Sure am sad to have lost that first little girl.  All seem to be doing fine.   The first two have become fast friends the last couple of days, but Mulberry has a real hard time keeping up with Calla Lily who is a whirlwind.

Yesterday was a day to remember.    Todd took his PA exam.   Juni had twins.   Found out Tom (my first husband's sister's husband)  is battling a disease.   Agonized all day about the vet coming to treat a young heifer............only to find the vet was a former acquaintance and the bone was healing and the calf could return to the herd.   (Going to keep her in a pen and stuff her with good food.)   I was glad when the day was over because I don't know how many more things I could have handled.   More pictures of the bouncing baby lambs will follow in days to come.

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear that Tom is fighting something. Glad you had some GOOD news to go with it!