Saturday, March 02, 2013

March is here!!!

Here it is................our official photo for 2013.    They all look so sweet in the picture when they are not making a fuss about something.     They really do get along quite well.    They went for a walk a few days ago.   They remember all their commands when walking, but they were not happy when they did not  go out again the next day.   I will be so happy when we can get out every day. 

In the sheep shed:    I am happy to just have my nine poll carrying sheep.    I am hoping for the three mature ewes to lamb this spring.    We will be late, after May first.    I want to be able to go out to check for lambs in the night in my bed clothes.   No cold shepherdess or cold lambs.   I am not breeding for any particular time, so warm weather lambs are just fine here.  One thing I do know is that I will be looking for a new ram for next year.    I need one so that I can breed my lambs from last year.   Right now the next thing on the calendar is shearing and lamb fleeces.     Hooray!

In the house, Jake has had one of his thumbs fixed.    The thumb joint was bone on bone just like the shoulder and knees.   He is doing well having skipped the cast and just jumped to the splint after three weeks in a soft cast post surgery.   On March 25 he may begin being weaned off of the splint.    He does not have pain in the thumb now.    Next year he plans to have the other one fixed.    Then I think he will be done with the arthritis thing.

We have had much snow in February, but I am ready for spring.   I have done a lot of spinning during the winter and knitting also.    I have only knit shawls since they use up a great amount of wool.    I did make a cowl that I liked, also.    I don't spin or knit well, but I enjoy doing the shawls because they are simple to knit.    I have joined a small group that knits at a library on Thursday afternoons in a small town nearby.    It had been lots of fun and the source of many laughs and many new books to read and, best of all, new friends.

This is the first shawl.   It has kept me warm through some cold days this winter.    Since this one, there have been four others.    They are all different colors and have different edges.   The first two were three ply, and the rest are two ply.    Two ply is heavy enough, but I like my heavy one.  Beaver doesn't look particularly happy to be modeling the shawl, but he is still in the same position as I write this.   Guess it can't be too bad.

Everyone here at the farm will be very glad when spring gets here.


Taryn said...

The Cardis look almost as big as the collie when you can't see their legs ;-)

Kelly said...

Great shot of your lovely dogs and your beautiful shawl.

Becky Utecht said...

Great photo of all the dogs.
Your shawl looks wonderful! I've always thought wrapping up in a handspun handknit sweater or shawl was like getting a hug from the sheep who provided the wool.

Anonymous said...

Love the couch babies! I need to commission a shawl for my mom but only it it includes some cardigan hair LOL. She had a cool one with pockets that they lost at the hospital when she was their with her hip surgery.

Sharrie said...

Jinnie, All my shawls come with a promise that they contain dog hair. Nothing produced at this house is without it. If you are serious about a shawl for your mom, contact me on regular email. It would be fun to make a shawl for her.

Anonymous said...

Zippy is like his sister Bailey if you saw the birthday hat photo, she has the same expression on her face as he does about being on the sofa getting a photo taken.