Monday, July 02, 2012

Three cogris and a new friend

 Garrett stopped by on one of his transportation runs.     He was delivering this puppy to Indiana.
Zippy was happy to meet someone that looked like him.

The whole group ran around for a while and then decided to spend some time at rest in the only shade they have in their yard.    Of course the resident cat had to join them.

 The new lamb is not happy with her new home, but I hope she will grow to love us.   I think Garrett said she is from F1 Holly stock through her father.   She gets to meet our lambs who can run around outside of her pen.

We are not happy with the heat; neither are all the animals----- cows, sheep and dogs.


Michelle said...

So do tell about the new lamb! Where is she from? Did Garrett bring her?

Kelly said...

I see some yummy fleece there...