Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year and Other Things

Here is all that is new at High Ridge Farm.    Jake's two new knees are well enough to have three Corgi's sitting on his lap.   When he first came home, he couldn't even handle Lady who is always first to get up on his lap.    Now Zippy spends the most time there, but he needs the chair lowered a little to make the jump.    Beaver is just happy to get up there once in a while.    I am just happy that we have made it three weeks today, and all is well.   I am handling all the barn duties, and Jake can operate the Bobcat since Saturday.    We are good to go now.    He is almost ready to drive the car and is doing his own physical therapy per Mayo clinic.  

Wisconsin weather has been odd, but today it is COLD just like is usually is. 


Anonymous said...

The Lady M loves laps! She was always in my Mom's lap. She and Zippy must get that from their Daddy PJ who loves the lap. Happy New Year to the Highridge gang, hope all goes the best for you guys!

Tina T-P said...

Courageous to do both knees at once - sometimes I wish I had - it's time to do my other one, and I'm not too keen on the idea :-( Thanks for stopping by to see the Caturday report T.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Now that is some good news!