Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy the Chair or How the dogs would do it.

          The High Ridge version of "Occupy Wall Street".      or        How the dogs would do it.

 This is Lady; she chose the couch with an empty Pepsi bottle.

And Little Beaver chose the antique chair on the John Deere blanket.
Zippy and Scooter decided to share the recliner which tells you that Jake was not in the room or maybe at the computer.   This sharing the recliner is a new thing for them.    I never know when they will come up with some new behavior to add to their act.

I am not sure what they are protesting.   They forgot their signs.


Michelle said...

What do they have to protest? They have all the furniture! ;-)

Karen B. said...

The John Deere blanket is great! That is one J.D. item we don't have. :( Your dogs are really adorable.