Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First born

Millie gave birth just before 5:00 this afternoon. I think it was a difficult birth. It seemed like she had to try too many times to make it happen. I even had a call in to get the vet out to our farm. She did manage to make it on her own, but the ram lamb's tiny sister was stillborn. He weighed over six pounds, and she only weighed four pounds. That is my first loss, but only my ninth lamb. It is still sad. I don't know if Millie's weight influenced what happened. I guess I never will. The young ram is a mass of crimpy curls and long legs and just has patches where horns should be budding. What will become of that? Time will tell.

There is nothing wrong with having your first meal before you even stand up. A guy gets hungry with all that "birthing stuff".

This is his first time on his own four feet. He is a long legged little guy.

On another note......Yes, Michelle, two of Todd's puppies did die. He thinks it was his inexperience with keeping their temperatures where they should be. The other four are doing fine. Todd, however, is not. He got out of the hospital today. He was in since Sunday afternoon because he has a blood clot in his neck. He is on Coumadin now for six weeks. He is done with the powerful antibiotics that he was getting through a "pick" line. He says that was the cause of the clot. He is a walking drug factory. He still does not know what is causing the anemia.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I am sorry to hear Todd isn't doing well. His health has to be a constant worry for you; I can't imagine!

Nancy K. said...

I'm sorry you lost the little ewe lamb but that big boy is gorgeous! I've never seen a white lamb so CLEANED off right after birth. He looks like you gave him a bath! Beno is definitely a half-poll so you might just have something there...

I'd say that Ami and Lucy are both pregnant. Maybe she'll just have one this year. Or maybe she's just carrying them so that it's not so obvious there are twins....time will tell!

sending you hugs !
want to get together and spin and chat????

shepherdchik said...

I know how you feel on the ewe lamb. It never gets easier. You always feel bad. Just remember that sometimes nature knows best. What a healthy looking little ram lamb though!

Garrett808 said...

Sharrie, I have limited experience with lambing as well but I have had several sets of twins where the 1st born is larger by 2 or more pounds. Its not unusual, just watch to make sure they are both growing! Sorry to hear about the stillborn. Sometimes when the first one has a problem getting out, the 2nd one will suffocate inside b.c. their water bag broke. The sorrows of farming!

Better days ahead!